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Update by user May 13, 2013

The company saw my complaint and contacted me immediately. They agreed to refund my delivery fees and offered a personal apology to my girlfriend.

Original review posted by user May 10, 2013

I bought a new mattress and bed frame for my girl friend on May 2nd and they were delivered May 9th to her house while she was home alone. One of the employees who delivered the frame behaved in an entirely unprofessional and unethical manner.

When he was putting the bed together he blocked off the exit to her bedroom with boxsprings so she was unable to leave the room, which made her feel uncomfortable. Then he proceeded to tell my girl friend how much he hated his job and that he was about to quit. He started hitting on her and told her that he was going to make really good money. Next he asked to take her out for drinks and to come play kickball with him this weekend.

At that point she explained she was not interested and had a boyfriend but that maybe I would be interested in playing kickball with him. Her curt replay stopped his advances, but she was very unhappy about the whole situation he placed her in.

I am appalled and infuriated that an employee would sexually harass my girl friend during a delivery! When I spend $1500 I expect that my girl friend will not hit on and made uncomfortable in her own home!

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That is one way to get free service, make up lies about your girlfriend being harassed. Then get free delivery. What a sicko, what if the man got fired because of your and your girlfriend's lies?


You imply the delivery guy deliberately barricaded your GF in the bedroom with him, thus implying some sort of sexual assault threat. The poor slob was just trying to do his job and so what if he asked her out!

She said no and that was that. Your GF sounds like a drama queen that likes attention and you sound like a very insecure male.

What a man you are! !

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #730660

I am appalled and infuriated that an employee would sexually harass my girl friend during a delivery - really - I am appalled that you choose to air your little inability to take care of business on the web.......any man with a knut sack would have visited with the so called offender and kicked in his chose to come on line and whine like a bittche.....what's her I'm turned on...pls send pics

to LTCC Toronto, Ontario, Canada #756162

"any man with a knut sack would have visited with the so called offender and kicked in his teeth"

Or balls.


Come on ... he brings people their new beds for a living.

If I did that I'd probably take ever chance of landing a new piece of *** in my lap that I could. He stopped when she mentioned it, and didn't do anything crazy. I'm sure the game worked for him before, so yeah, why not try it on her?

I'm sure she's grown and can handle herself. Reading the remarks of your post, was this really something you wanted to embark on?

to jollyjolly Spring City, Pennsylvania, United States #737053

Your an ***

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada #695773

yeah sure, right. A guy would just jeopardize his job to hit on some random girl esp one who has a boyfriend.

is she really that hot? probably not. this story sounds bogus.

I have a super hot girlfriend and no delivery guy has ever hit on her especially if I'm around. You white people are so full of *** its not even funny.


What do you expect when you have a person assembling a freakin bed set in front of your "girlfriend"? Sounds like you got off on it all and just complained to save face with your girlfriend.

Denver, Colorado, United States #658696



Your girlfriend probably tryed to hit on the "Delivery Guy".Before you judge another take a good look at yourself.Maybe you are missing something.Out of all the "Women"These guy's meet,Why do you feel your girlfriend is so "Great"?He probably brushed her off and She probably got upset.Use your head for more than a "HAT RACK".If she really wanted to get out the "Bedroom"She would have.***.Sound's like you wanted to get something free to me.

to Anonymous Englewood, Colorado, United States #657202

"maybe" you should not "use" so many "quotation" marks. You sound like a "tool bag"

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #679684

It doesn't matter. She's a girl at home, regardless of her behavior, she didn't have any professional code to adhere to.

He did. As a PAID professional on the clock, he is expected to conduct himself accordingly. Don't tell me you've never worked a job where customers *** YOU off or act indecently. You still have to treat it like it is..a job.

No one has any concrete evidence of whether she instigated it or not, but he as an on the clock employee shouldn't be making or reciprocating unsolicited advances either way. Period.


Maybe your not MAN ENOUGH TO KEEP HER! Chances are your so called sweetie pie enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

to Anonymous #650106

More man than you. 8)

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